Tax Returns

When filing your taxes, you will need these documents.

# Item Checkbox
1. Photo ID Proof
Any One: Passport, Driving Licence, PR Card, Provincial Photo ID.
2. Bank Proof
Direct Deposit form/ void cheque. You will receive your returns in this bank.
3. T4 Slips
You will be required to gather T4 slips from all the employers you worked for in the past year. Most employers will automatically issue T4 under your name and will send it to you at the time of taxes.
4. Tuition Fees Receipt (T2202)
If you have paid for your tuition, you will receive T2202 in your student account automatically at the time of taxes. If you are unsure about where you'll receive it, please contact your student centre.
5. Annual Tax Summary
If you have worked for Uber, Doordash, Instacart, Skip the dishes, etc you'll require to submit an Annual Tax Summary or Income Summary. You should be able to get it from the respective company.
6. T4A Slips
If you have received any government benefits such as Employment Insurance, CERB, CRB, etc, you will require to submit T4A slips. These slips are available to download from the respective government website such as EI Canada.
7. Medical Expense Receipts
If you have paid for medical expenses in the previous financial year and have a receipt for it, please consider submitting it with the file.
8. Investment Slips
If you have made an investment in RRSP/stocks through Bank/Broker/Wealth-Simple/Questrade, you will require to submit T4RSP or Capital Gain/Loss statement T5008.
9. Work From Home
If you have worked from home during the previous financial year, you may receive some benefits. You will require to submit the number of days you WFH.
10. Earnings out Canada
If you have earned income at back-home before you arrived in Canada, you will require to report the amount for the past 3 years.
11. Spouse Document
If you're married and your spouse is in Canada then you will require to submit all the above documents otherwise, you will need to submit the passport.
12. Children Birth Certificate or Passport
If you've children, you will be required to submit your child's birth certificate or passport.
13. Child Care expense receipt
If you have paid for the child care expenses, you will need to submit the receipts.